What do you think?

I’ve always thought that a good way to understand a new concept is to draw a big spindly spider diagram about it.

And this is especially needed for a concept like embodiemnt…So here’s my spider diagram…


The lived experience is made up of so many different contributing parts, that they are impossible to conceptualize or separate.

Many philosophers interpret Phenomenology differently, but the question of, What makes my conscious experience the way it is?” doesn’t have a definitive answer…

Husserl: He recognises the body as central to experience, but separates it from the mind when looking at how things appear to our conscious awareness (Abram, 1997: 45). He uses the term the Natural Attitude to indicate the belief of those who consider the world to be ‘out there’ and separable from our experience… (Langer, 1989: xii).

Sartre: He disagrees with Husserl and states that consciousness can never be isolated from the existing world. (Abram, 1997: 45).

Merleau-Ponty: He rejects Husserl’s assumption of a, “disembodied, transcendental ego,” stating that, without the body, there would be no, “possibility of experience,” (Abram, 1997: 45).

Abram: He states that, “without the body there would be no experience, and we would not be visible to others”.

So, conflicting views exist about what exactly contributes to our conscious embodied experience of life.

What do you think?


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