Thank you for reading my blog. I hope my ramblings have made you think about the different factors that contribute to your lived experience. Françoise Héritier inspired me to start a blog on the topic of embodiment, so I'll finish with another list of moments of my embodied experience of life... Watching people fasten large … Continue reading Finally…


My Body and what you think about it

The way we are perceived by others affects our embodied experience.  Other people's reactions to what we are, contributes to the way we feel about ourselves. If someone sketches me, I may perceive myself slightly differently after seeing myself in pencil on a page. Many people associate the self with the 'mind' or the 'soul', … Continue reading My Body and what you think about it

Eating pickles with everything.

After watching me eat various "questionable" foods, my friends came up with a list of edible items considered to be controversial to most people.  Apparently pickles make the cut... pickles/cornichons/gherkins/onions (anything pickled basically). blue cheese Marmite  licorice anchovies  coriander  marzipan (really?)  Basically anything with a strong (usually bitter) taste. I love all of these foods, … Continue reading Eating pickles with everything.